The best Roblox global economy bot which consists of you working, opening capsules, mining fragments, trading, and even farming to build and upgrade your own House!

Houseannor is the Best Roblox Discord Bot! (Or if you are one of those people, "The Best Roblox Economy Bot")

Houseannor consists of you dumpster diving, working, stealing, opening capsules, mining fragments, bidding, betting, and even farming to build and upgrade your very own House!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Houseannor moderation commands have been temporarily removed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused whilst we remake these commands.

The main features include:

🏠 House Building | Start off with Homeless with no House, money, or job. The only way you can earn cash at the moment is to Volunteer and Dumpster Dive to get fragments which craft capsules! You can then open capsules with capsule keys to earn cash! Once you upgrade your House to certain levels, you will be able to work, farm, and mine for fragments! The best part? You can paint your House to whatever colour you want! Make it as unique as you are!

🌐 Profile & Navigation | Your Houseannor profile is unique to you! Your profile contains things like your Houseannor location and your House Fund & Economy Balance! Your Houseannor location changes depending on what command you use. For example, if you are opening a common capsule, you will be at the "Capsule Building"! You might wanna view the Houseannor Travel Guide if you wanna know where you're going...

Trading | You have a friend who has lots of fragments that you really want? Well that's what Houseannor trading is for! You can trade fragments and capsule keys for cash with other users! You can accept, decline, and even turn off trades! You don't have to offer anything to send a trade request either! (It's recommended you do though!)

💵 Bidding Wars | Houseannor Bidding wars start and end every week in the Houseannor Support server! Bid cash for BIG prizes! From capsules, to fruit berries, or even robux (Possibly robux)! Anyone can enter bidding wars and it's really easy to play! Join the support server for more information.

💿 Music | Houseannor music is here! With the help of Losh531™#0001 and Toblerone#0001, this has been made possible! It might not be the main feature but hey! Who doesn't want a roblox themed music bot? (Except Houseannor Beats [BETA]... May he rest in peace...)

😄 Fun Commands | Well, shooting people and playing rock paper scissors is considered to be fun. But do you want to start a WAR with someone? Well, you can with Houseannor! You can also view roblox memes too!

🔨 Moderation | Your server can't be complete without moderation commands! With Houseannor, you can Kick, Warn, Ban & Mute people (Like with every other moderation bot). You can also lockdown channels and make polls. There is also a really helpful moderation log if you want to see the exact time, date, moderation action, and reason for someones infraction.

🛠 Roblox & Discord Utility | You can view server and user info with Houseannor! You can also view other people's profile picture and test Houseannor's ping (If you really want to). As well as that, you can also show detailed information about a roblox character (aka Roblox User Lookup) and also view someone's Roblox avatar!

🌱 Farming | Plant seeds and farm them for big cash rewards! There are Capsule Berries, Cash Fruits and Crime Lemons if you want to steal cash from your friends!

🤖 This bot was made by Homeannor, with help from Losh531, Haroon, and Toblerone.

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