exorium offers interaction commands, moderation, utility and other handy commands. Just wanna give someone a good hug or manage your server better? Than check us out!

exorium | since 2020

about exorium

exorium began as a selflearning project for BluewyDev to get more knowledge in python. It has since grown out to become a public bot offering a collection of social commands, utility commands and others. Since then, the exorium team has started growing with a new developer known as ToothyDev, as well as our graphic designer Big Chez. The bot is being hosted on a VPS provided by Etile0.


Developers: BluewyDev & ToothyDev Graphic Designer: Big Chez Host & provider: Etile0

opensource information

exorium is an open source bot, allowing people to contribute to it's code directly without much hassle. Next to that people can also educate themselves on the discordpy library by looking at our code, and experimenting with it themselves. Next to that, any bugs and mistakes can be found by anyone, and can also be fixed by anyone. And our code can also be improved by our users.

In short, anyone is free to participate in the code. But of course, any code will be evaluated and reviewed by a developer before merging anything.

We are currently also busy converting to cogs. Which can take quite a while, so please bear with us.


main help command

social interaction commands

moderation commands

utility commands

bot related commands


We do not endorse selfhosting, and we will not provide support nor steps for it.

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