Your aim is to build the biggest Empire of all!

Build the biggest empire of all! You start with only some money, a few people and some food. You can work to gain money or rob other nations, but your population also works for you. But be careful: They also need food, you don't want them to die. You can buy upgrades for more food or more population.

You can team up with other players and form alliances (which come with special bonuses like a greater food supply for your population), go to war or challenge each other. A very new feature is the utopia command, which lets you visualize your Empire. Yes, you heard right: You can now get an image of your empire plotted, which will show all upgrades you bought, your population and more. In the future, this will also be possible for battles.

Additionally, the bot receives new content updates every few days and is open source, anyone is welcome to contribute - it doesn't matter if it's only a suggestion or you want to program something yourself. Our devs are happy about everyone who wants to participate!


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