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A Simple, Easy multipurpose bot made by using discord.js library for the Discord API.


A Simple and multipropose bot written in NodeJS & Discord.js

What will you see in my bot


  • Commands Help: ?help or @toothless help for details.
  • <> means required command parameter.
  • [] means optional command parameter.

List of the Commands

  • Moderation (hackban, addrole, purge, timerlockdown etc)
  • Information about servers, emoji, channels, roles or users.
  • Available 24/7
  • Active Development of Bot everyday
  • Fun (8ball, cattext, dice, xkcd, yomama, leettext etc)
  • General (blocktext, reminder etc)
  • Utility Or Misc (Search anime, manga, youtube, weather or translate, define what you don't understand

More Commands Will be Coming Soon

  • |Commands|Result|
  • |Music|Will be added|
  • |Dashboard|Will be added|
  • |Website|Will be added|
  • |Customize Prefix|Will be added|


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