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Meet Bonfire, A Discord bot allowing your community to create custom channels with many features, promoting server activity!

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Meet Bonfire, A Discord bot allowing your community to create their very own controllable text and voice channels with many features promoting server activity, all while giving power to the community to make, create & share their expressions all in a safe and controlled manner.

~ What is Housing?<br/> A House is a controllable temporary channel created by your community. These Houses can be controlled via a Reaction Based Dashboard, providing a controlled and safe way to allow your members to manage their channels.

~ How to?<br/> Create a house by typing ‘+’ outside of a House channel.<br/> Manage your house by typing ‘+’ inside of the House.

~ What permissions are needed? To ensure the bot can see and manage all Houses regardless of the configuration, it is advised administrative permissions are provided.

~ Features!<br/> ➤ Dashboard Controlled Housing<br/> ⮊ House Management<br/> ↳ House Renaming<br/> ↳ House Permissions<br/> ↳ House Deletion<br/> ⮊ House Creation<br/> ↳ Text Based House<br/> ↳ Private Text Based House<br/> ↳ Voice Based Channel<br/> ⮊ House Management<br/> ↳ Grant Friends Access To Dashboard<br/> ➤ Anti-Abuse Systems<br/> ⮊ Cooldowns<br/> ↳ Command Cooldown<br/> ↳ House Creation Cooldown<br/> ⮊ House Creation Monitor<br/> ↳ Spam Creation Limiter<br/> ↳ House Slots (3 Per User)<br/> ⮊ 24/7 Bot Support<br/> ↳ Reach us @<br/>