provides the DNS over Discord service, allowing for DNS lookup queries to be made in any Discord server.

DNS over Discord

Ever wanted to make DNS requests from the comfort of your Discord server? Well now you can, thanks to the @ bot.

To start using the DNS over Discord bot, invite it to your Discord server using this link: https://bit.ly/DNS-over-Discord

The bot only requires basic permissions to read messages in your server and send messages to reply to the DNS queries.

Once the bot is in your server, you can mention it (@ followed by a domain name to begin making DNS requests. Provide DNS record types after the domain name to get back results for each record type. You can also use an asterisk ("*") in place of a record type to get back DNS results for all supported types.

If you ever need help with the usage of the DNS over Discord bot, simply mention it (@ with no other keywords and it will return a help message with example usage for all supported features of the bot.


@ cloudflare.com
@ cloudflare.com

@ cloudflare.com A AAAA
@ cloudflare.com A AAAA

Supported record types

  • A
  • NS
  • MX
  • TXT
  • AAAA
  • SRV
  • CAA

Use "*" (asterisk) in place of a record type to get DNS results for all supported types.

WHOIS support

The DNS over Discord also provides additional commands for performing whois lookups for both domain names and IP addresses. To use this functionality, mention the bot (@ followed by the keyword “whois” and then the domain name or IP address.

For IP addresses, if the bot can get back a valid whois response and correctly parse it, it will return formatted information including the NetName and ASN for the IP address, as well as the CIDR block it is part of, the approximate location of the IP and the abuse contact for the IP range if available.

@ whois
@ whois

For domain names, assuming the bot can fetch a valid whois response, it will return the full, raw whois response for the requested domain name.


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