BrownBear Bot#5008

Discord bot features some of the most popular bots features.

Do: Bearhelp It will show all command categories.

Then do: Bearhelp {categoryname} This will show you all bearlible commands on the category.

This Discord bot equips your Discord server with some of our Discord bot's most popular features.

Stream Music Request music via youtube, soundcloud, twitch, radio links, or by name with ease.

Music Playlists Create custom music playlists and share your playlists with other people with ease.

Administration Administration made easy, take a load off your shoulders and let Bear do the hard work.

Level & Leaderboards Earn XP and levels, and ranks through level ups, show off your rank via the website leaderboard on in-discord.

Join & Leave Messages Broadcast messages when users joins or leaves your server on a per-channel basis.

Bilingual Commands Bear supports multiple languages, you can change what languages Bear uses on the fly.

Customizable Prefixes Don't like the default prefix? No worries, you can change it to anything you'd like.

Lots of Fun Commands Bear has a lot of fun/game commands, and more are constantly being added

And much more!

Main features

Music streaming from YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch etc. Custom music playlists that you can play anytime.

Moderation commands (Ban, kick, slowmode)

Search for comics and reaction gifs Extended server functionality (Welcome messages, server and user info)

High level of customization

Changing messages on a per-server basis

Change the languages Bear uses

Create custom aliases for existing commands

Change the prefix bear uses on a per-module basis


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