Roleplay Tools#7887

Customized bios, money, items, XP and more! A helpful tool for roleplay servers.

Command Category Info =help Basics A guide to RP Tools

=character (=c) Basics View your current character

=characters (=chars) Basics See them all

=1, =2, =3, =4, =5, =6 Basics To change characters

=edit Basics Many ways to update your characters

=server Basics Details

=bot Basics Details =invite Basics Community and bot invites

=bump Promotion Promote your bot through RP Tools!

!d bump Promotion Remind your users to bump through Disboard

=set disboard [on/off] Promotion Enable or disable Disboard reminders

=cat =dog =dance =cringe Fun Express yourself

=hug =kiss =poke =pat Fun Action @player

=slap =bully =kill Fun Action @player

=do [action] Fun Custom expressions

=ship [Name_1] [Name_2] Fun Find out who's compatible

=deathBattle @player Fun Pit yourself against a foe

=randomColor Fun Fun hex colors

=inspiration Fun Cat posters

=purge [number] Moderation Mass delete messages

=kick @player [reason] Moderation Kick from server

=ban @player [reason] Moderation Ban from server

=mute/=unmute @player Moderation Mute or unmute a player

=ban @player [reason] Moderation Ban from server

=prefix [symbol] Admin Set a custom prefix

=settings Admin Many options!

=welcome Admin Assign roles, make a gateway, etc


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