Radio Player#0342

24/7 Radio, is a self explantionary bot, as said it plays any of the radio stations in your server 24/7.

Name Description Usage
r.botinfo Shows some information about ToolsBox r.botinfo
r.uptime Shows how long the bot has been online for r.uptime Shows the bots current ping
r.invite Sends the invite for the Bot r.invite Sends the invite to 24/7 Radio's Support Server
r.join Joins the command executors voice channel r.join
r.leave Leaves the command executors voice channel r.leave
r.stop Stops the current playing music r.stop
r.volume Changes the volume of the current playing music r.volume [1-100]
r.stations Sends a list of all the supported radio stations r.stations
r.station Lets you play the station you requested to play r.radio1
r.viewffm Lets you view FreightFM's stats r.viewffm
r.viewtnr Lets you view Trucking Nation Radio's stats r.viewtnr
r.viewtfm Lets you view TruckersFM's stats r.viewtfm
r.viewbrfm Lets you view BigRigFM's stats r.viewbrfm
r.viewtsfm Lets you view TruckSimFM's stats r.viewtsfm
r.viewsr Lets you view Simulator Radio's stats r.viewsr


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