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LBot is a French multifunction bot with which you can moderate your server or have fun with his games (coming soon) !

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LBot is a French multifunction bot. At the moment, there is no English translation, but it’s planned for the next months !


👮‍♂️ Moderation

LBot provides simple to use commands as ban, kick… You can so easily moderate your Discord server. We’re also implementing a powerful auto-moderator !

🛡️ Blacklist

We also added a blacklist to LBot, but we aren’t one of these bots who ban people just because they “spammed a server 13 months ago”, no, LBot informs the server staff that xX_HACKER_Xx spammed “Join my server !!!” on a server and let them to choose what they want to do.

🎲 Games

Coming soon Soon, LBot will provide to your members some games like tic-tac-toe, ship war, and more !
Stay tuned :)


LBot provides commands which are… others ! Imgur upload, Unsplash request, link reducer, etc !

Get help

You can get some help :

Stay tuned !

LBot is in constant development : we’re always adding him new commands ! Stay informed on our Twitter account !