Trivia Crown#2063

A moderation bot With Fun, Utilities, Auto Level-up, Ticket System, Announcement, Auto link/AD-block and much more to amaze you.

INVITE the all in one BOT

Name - " Trivia Crown " Developer - 💕Satyaji💕#8651, Prefix - " ! "

You can do !help for information about the BOT & commands. Special features: Auto levelup ⬆️, Ticket system (type !new), Link/adblocker (!adblocker on)

CROWN - THE DISCORD CITY (Exclusive City Game - 1st to lunch in Discord - to play type !crowncity) Main commands: !mod, !help, !utility, !fun

ANNOUNCEMENT AUTO LEVEL UP ALL MODERATION COMMANDS FUN & GAMES AUTO ADSBLOCKER & MUTE ACCURACY TICKET SYSTEM GIVEAWAYS Admin Commands !change Change @(username) to (new username) . !clear Delete messages (100 maximum) . !cwarn title says it all , view user's warnings . !rwarn Reset warn of a user . !kick/ban/mute kick mute or ban a User . !unmute/unban unmute or unban a User ID . !addblocker on/off (link/addblocker) . !giveaway (makes a giveaway) . !poll (makes a poll) .


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