Radio Box#0854

Radio Box - a 24/7 Radio Stream bot that allows you to listen to your favourite radio stations anytime you want!

Radio Box

This bot allows you to listen to your favourite tunes anytime of the week at anytime within the day and night, from simulation radios such as TruckersFM and Simulator Radio to the British Tunes from the BBC Crew from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2. This bot will allow you to run music when ever you want!

Getting Started

Once you have invite Radio Box into your server it is easy to setup by just saying


Name - Description - Usage - Shows you all of our amazing commands within Radio Box. -

rb.stations - Shows you all of the support Radio Stations that Radio Box Supports. - rb.stations

rb.request - Allows you to request a Radio Station to be added to Radio Box. - rb.request

rb.invite - Gives you a invite to invite Radio Box to another server! - rb.invite

rb.join - Tells Radio Box to join the voice channel you are in. - rb.join

rb.stationname - Starts Playing that station within the voice channel you are in. - rb.ffm

rb.leave - Tells the bot to leave the voice channel you are in. - rb.leave

rb.stop - Tells Radio Box to stop playing the current Radio Station. - rb.stop

rb.volume - Allows you to control the audio level for Radio Box. - rb.volume 1-100

rb.uptime - Shows the uptime of Radio Box. - rb.uptime - Shows you some nerdy stats for Radio Box. Also known as the ping (pong) -

rb.botinfo - Shows you some nerdy stats about how many users the bot is support and much more stats. - rb.botinfo

What is the future of Radio Box

Who Knows! Their will be new radio stations to listen and we will hopefully support more radio stations from across the globe.


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