An advanced music bot with lots of side features and tools

KokNut - a Music Bot

KokNut is a bot that plays music but also has many cool features



Name Description Usage Aliases
Play Plays YT, Spotify or Apple playlist or YT song play [current, next] <URL> p
Stop Stops music or radio stop leave, quit, stopit
Join Joins a VC join j
Loop Loops playlist loop none
Shuffle Shuffles playlist shuffle mix
Seek Rewinds music to given time in seconds seek <time> rewind
Move Moves specified song in front of the playlist move <song position> mv
Remove Removes specified song from the playlist remove <song position> rm
Queue Shows playlist queue [page] q
Skip Skips current song skip next
Pause Pauses music or radio pause none
Resume Resumes music or radio resume none
Save Saves playlist for easy play save <URL> none
Load Loads saved playlist load <name> none
List Shows saved playlists list none
Radio Streams Radio radio none


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
Decode Decodes text from specified encryption decode <binary> none 5s
Encode Encodes text to specified form encode <binary> none 5s
Define Searches for definition in Urban Dictionary define <text> df 10s
Log Shows deleted messages log none 1h
Suggest Suggest a new feature or report a bug suggest <suggestion> none 1h
Translate Translates previous message or translates message from english to specified language translate [<lang code> <text>] none 6s
Weather Shows current weather in given area weather <location> none 10s
Random Returns random number from 0-100 random rand 0s
Notify Notifies you when someone starts playing specific game notify <game> none 0s


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
Help Shows command categories and shows info about commands help [category] or help [command] none 0s
Ping Shows ping ping none 10s
Level Shows your level level xp, lvl 5s
Profile Shows your profile profile <user> prof 5s

This is not full command list. Will be added in close future.

You can suggest feature using --suggest <feature> and I'll add it.


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