A Simple Multipurpose Discord Bot with 100s commands and cool stuffs! Moderation, Managing, Music, Fun and many more!

Tired of Searching a Discord Bot? ZyroBot is here to solve all your needs from Moderation, Music to Fun! It has more than 100 commands to fulfill the Every Needs of a Discord Server.

Getting Started: -Invite the bot -Use zy!help or checkout the below commands

All Commands: https://zyrobot.glitch.me/

Available Commands: ping, ping2, poll, spoil, avatar, userinfo, botinfo, about, kick, ban, unban, tempmute, permamute, unmute, warn, clearwarns, warnings, vckick, mutevc, unmutevc, purge, clean, createrole, addrole, removerole, deleterole, createchannel, deletechannel, lock, unlock, enablelogging, disableLogging, changenick, meme, joke, say, emojify, asciify, 8ball, gayrate, hack, order, rolldice, kill, slap, coinflip, whowouldwin, rps, embed, calcage, weather, tick, lul, cross, pressf, thanosdaddy, pat, hug, kiss, poke, tickle, aslap, slap, cuddle, ship, add, subtract, multiply, divide, random, pivalue, clyde, tweet, blurpify, deepfry, iphoneX, awooify, magik, changemymind, boom, play, pause, resume, search, skip, volume, stop.


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