Rocket League Crate Simulator#0596

RE-LIVE THE GOOD DAYS! OVER 50 Crates | RL Trivia | Full Levelling System | Trading Community | Partners.

Whether you're new to the scene or miss the expensive Crates, this is the Number 1 Rocket League BOT! Gain Keys By Texting

RLCB !open crates to your hearts content. 1:1 ODDS with Rocket League's official crate chances.

Inventory !inv to check which items you've Gained

TradeComp !trade to trade items with other Users.

Tradeups !tradeup to Tradeup bad items to Better items.

Ranking A FULL Levelling System, BETTER Than Rocket League. Useable Banners and Borders, Obtainable by Crates. OVER 10 MILLION COMBINATIONS

Daily3 A progressive !daily to give you extra bonus's for being active

Preset Use your items and Show off your best Look With !Preset

Trivia !trivia command to Test Your Rocket League Knowledge to gain Esports items

Clubs !Clubs Kick-off Branding and Create your own Teams. Get exclusive bonus's for Talking | Your own Club tag And even get verified!

Shop Purchase Crates From the !shop And SO Much MORE


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Why Rocket League Crate Bot is good.

Honestly when I first joined thought it was going to be some weird thing that I would look at and think would be cool and would've be too invested in it. I was wrong, the Rocket League Crate simulator bot is so fun to use and is super addicting. It's a great bot and I'm glad that Bosemanluigi made it.

By Deleted User d9e4eb83#08795

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