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Cocktails Bot

simple bot that gets you a list of cocktails, and information/recipes on specific cocktails

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c!get Get’s you detailed information on the drink specified using the ID.

c!ingredients {Ingredient name} You can look for specific drinks that are made of a specific ingredients.

c!list {ingredient/glass/type/category} Gives you a list of all the Ingredients/Glasses/Types/Categories of cocktails the bot has.

c!random Sends you the information on a specific, randomly selected drink.

c!search {keyworkd} Searches for drinks that include that specific keyword in their names.

c!invite DMs you the link to invite this bot to your discord server. If you do so, then you are a LEGEND.

c!donate DMs you my paypal link so you can donate to the development of this bot. If you donate to help out with the cost of hosting, then you the MASTER OF ALL CREATION.