Nep Bot is a bot that takes care tickets, promotes twitch channels, and blocks IP grabbers.


Nep Bot is a ticket bot that allows members talk to staff members with having to open "Discord Direct Messages" or "Dms".

Included Features

Other then tickets Nep Bot includes a section to promote twitch channels by first joining the support server: / and contacting a support member to apply of why the user would like to promote a Twich channel and why we should support the channel.

Command Info

Nep Bot uses a category feature to keep commands in order. For Example :help will bring up the category's such as "regular, twitch, tick. To use these category's you would use the help command following with - and the category resulting :help-regular which will bring the commands from the following category.

Privacy Policy

Does Nep Bot collect information from it's users or servers?


For now Nep Bot is a simple ticket bot that creates a support channel for the user and staff member to communicate. Without having to talk in messages. Soon Nep Bot may start collecting information for now no information is collected. To contact us join are support server:


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