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250+ Commands,BunnyGirl Pics, CatGirl Pics, FoxGirl Pics, 70+ Anime Gifs,Memes/Jokes, Games:DBD,Fortnite,R6,Apex,CSGO/LoL

Catgirl Paradise is one of the newest anime bots out there! We try to give the best possible quality pictures, we even have a special way to filter pictures and use the best ones! All pictures are hand-picked. There are new updates every 3-4 days adding more pictures, more gifs and upgrading the overall quality! You can read almost all of the commands we have below (there are some which are not listed)

Utility Commands:

??vote - vote for us!
??donate - If you want to support us or buy premium
??ping - Shows the ping of the bot (it's not real tho)
??avatar - Shows your avatar!
??uptime - What is our bot's uptime
??update - Our latest update
??serverinfo - Information about the server you are in
??userinfo - Information about your discord account
??timer info (How to use Timer Set
??dm - How to enable your discord DMs (Direct Messages)
??invite - Invite CatGirl Paradise to your server!
??ap premium - How to buy Premium $3 or more per month
??premium - How to buy Premium $2

Moderation Commands:

??ban @mention reason - bans the mentioned user deleting all of his/her messages.
??modkick @mention reason - Kicks the mentioned user, but he/she can join again if they have an invite link.
??clear @mention amount - Clears 1-100 messages from the mentioned user (in the specific channel)
??clear amount - Clears the last 1-100 messages in the channel

Anime Commands:

??CG - Images of CatGirls
??FG - Images of FoxGirls
??AG - Images of Anime Girls
??AB - Images of Anime Boys
??BG - Images of Bunny Girls
??MG - Images of Monster Girls
??GG - Images of Girls with guns
??animesuggestion - Get an anime suggestion!


??fortnite drop - Gives you a random drop location

??craft tips - Tips & tricks about minecraft
??craft item_name - How to craft the item
??craft list - All available recipes in the bot

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege
??r6 attack - Gives you a random attacker
??r6 defend - Gives you a random defender
??r6 info - Information about the operator

Dead By Daylight
??dbd survivor perk - 4 survivor perks
??dbd killer perk - 4 killer perks
??dbd info <perk_name> - More information about the perk

Counter:Strike Global Offensive
??csgo competitive - Gives you a random competitive map
??csgo ct pick - Random set for the ct side
??csgo t pick - Random set for the t side

League of Legends
??lol champion pick - Random champion
??lol mode pick - Picks you a random game mode
??lol lane pick - Random lane to play
??lol full pick - All of the above in one command

Apex Legends
??apex drop - Gives you a random drop location
??apex pick - Picks a random apex character

Useless Commands
??iq - Shows you iq (0-200)
??pass - DMs you a random 16 char password
??roll - A random number between 1-6
??69ball <YOUR_MESSAGE> - Ask the 69ball anything!

Image Manipulation:

??im catgirl - Your avatar will transform into a catgirl!
??im sleep - Your avatar is sleeping!
??im kiss - Your avatar will get a kiss
??im bodypillow - Your avatar will be displayed on a bodypillow hugged by a girl!
??im hacker - You will become the ultimate hacker!

Meme Manipulation:

??im burn <YOUR_MESSAGE> - Spongebob meme template
??im sike <YOUR_MESSAGE> - Sike meme template
??im 100 <YOUR_MESSAGE> - 100 meme format

Joke Commands:

??ameme - Anime meme
??meme - Well.... Memes?
??joke - Dumbest jokes on earth!
??dadjoke - Dad jokes
??mom joke - Mom jokes
??knockjoke - Who's There
??barjoke - Long ass jokes
??schooljoke - I told this to my teacher...I got expelled
??dogjoke - Even i can think of a better joke
??catjoke - What is cat's favorite color? Purrrr-ple
??animaljoke - I just ran out of ideas
??mathjoke - I like moths not math
??foodjoke - Pizza italiano wtf?
??oceanjoke - It waves!
??fishjoke - What did the salmon say when he swam into a wall? Damn!
??pickup - The most cringiest pickup lines
??wise - Always wear a bra at work!
??riddle - Who has a discord server and is going to add me? Probably not you
??roast - Roast yourself before someone else does!
??breakup - It's me not you!..well it is actually you..
??oneliner - It's longer than 1 line....

Fact Commands:

??fact space - Facts about the space
??fact dog - Facts about dogs
??fact airplane - Facts about airplanes
??fact submarines - Facts about submarines
??fact train - Facts about trains
??fact ship - Interesting facts about cruise ships
??fact ocean - Interesting facts about the ocean
??fact sun - It's a big star!
??fact airpollution - We need to protect our planet!
??fact youtube - The 3rd most visited website!
??fact computer - It's useful
??fact japan - The japanese have more pets than children
??fact google - It would take 100,000 terabyte drives to equal all of the info in Google
??fact facebook - About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States

Fun Commands:
All commands start with ??rate:
Rate Commands (Free)
waifu, husbando, nekogirl, nekoboy, kitsunegirl, kitsuneboy, tsundere, girl, boy, human, stripper, trash, beautiful

Rate Commands (Premium)
plastic, god, helicopter, wolfgirl, wolfboy, bunnygirl, bunnyboy, lewd, trap, demon, witch, vampire

All commands start with ??img:
mpv, sedan, hatchback, suv, crossover, coupe, convertable, wagon, luxury_car, hybrid, sports_car, diesel, fries, banica, lasagna, beer, soup, hotdog cake, wine, baguette, chocolate, burger, juice, spaghetti, chicken_wings, tshirt, jeans, glasses, jumper, sweatshirt, jacket, ring


Mention Gifs, Example: ??hug @mention, all commands start with ??
hug, kiss, slap, bite, attack, wakeup, pat, spit, lick, kick, sniff, wink, strong_bite, cuddle, poke, chu, notification_triggered, heart, boo, slice, smash, punch, arrest, nuzzle, kawaii, fuck_off, wave, multi_slap, comfort, exchangekiss, erase, attempt_hug, yeet, waste, shoot

Non-Mention Gifs

cry, wtf, angry, bye, escape, hide, sleep, run, stayaway, dab, blush, dunno, bleh, dodge, evil_smile, walk_away, love, embarrased, catch, scared, worried, sweat, baka, sad, happy, humph, tilt, kawaii_smile, laugh, sleepy, unbelievable, sowwy, fantasising, nyom, please, high_five, paw, stare, yawn, tight_hug, eyebrow_lifting, whatever, jealous, depressed, emotionless, annoyed, vomit, bored, shy, spin, excited, flustered, disappointed, dreaming, tongue, dance, food_love, smile, upset, confused, sip, rawr

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