Kayn is a new discord bot, that try to improve in your server fun, security, utility, moderation and many other things, invite Kayn to your server. You will not be disappointed!

🤖 Kayn

another discord bot™

😉 Features

  1. 📥 Easy Commands: To use my commands you do not need to know much, it's simple, enter the argument required, and the command should start to run.

  2. 📪 Fast Support: We guess that you will need help using Kayn, right? Don't worry, we are here to help you in our official discord server.

  3. 🔨 Moderation: We know that your server need have moderation and it must have security to prevent raids or related, we have moderation and administration commands that only use DISCORD.JS API, including slow mode advanced, try know our moderation and administration commands!

To know more about Kayn, try it now!


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