Cyraxx ✨#6457

437+ commands, Economy, memes, HD Images, Moderation, Manipulation, Games, Utilities, Fun, Emotes and more!


  • Image Manipulation ( tigger, gay, garbage, beautiful, ship, etc )
  • Economy ( work, beg, daily, crime, roulette, slot, problem, etc )
  • Moderation ( mute, kick, ban, softban, hackban, vckick, vcmove, etc )
  • General ( 8ball, advice, quote, nitro, embed, etc )
  • Images ( animepic, arts, cute, cat, dog, duck, fox, panda, reddit, wallpaper, etc )
  • Information ( anime, bitcoin, covid, corona, facts of birds, cats, dogs, fox, koala, panda, numbers, etc )
  • Utility ( afk, announcements, calculator, news, polls, chatchart, info about channels, server, roles, users, emojis, etc )
  • Social Emotes ( baka, coffin, cuddle, feed, hug, kiss, pat, punch, slap, waifu, etc )
  • Memes ( 4chan, antijoke, chuck, comic, copypasta, discordmeme, facepalm, jokes, prequel, sequel, surreal, tifu, yomomma, etc )


  • Shoob network card pings, timers, you can find more about it in #faq in the support server.
  • Image welcoming, greet new members with a welcoming image/anime banners.
  • Spam resistant, all commands have a minimum cooldown of 3s.
  • Mobile friendly, all commands are case-sensitive. ex You can use them like C! piNg too.
  • @everyone, @here resistant, the bot will never mention everyone or here except roles.
  • Logging, deleted/edited messages, join/leave logs etc.
  • Features of Dyno, vortex, dank memer!


Please report any bug or grammar mistakes in the support server.


If you need any help regarding bot, please join the support server. (


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