Sx Live#1445

Sx Live is a Discord bot featuring Live Stream Alerts, Streaming Roles, and Spotify Roles!




  • Configure a special role that Sx Live will give to users on the server who are currently streaming on Twitch or YouTube.
  • Send notifications to your Discord server when you or your favorite streamers go live on Twitch or YouTube.
  • Allow users to automatically get a "Listening to Spotify" role when Listening to Spotify.
  • Get song details for yourself or other users.
  • Search for songs on Spotify.

🔴 Stream notifications made simple

Receive fast and customizable streamer notifications in your Discord server with just a few commands. You can use Sx Live to keep up with your favorite streamers or announce members in your Discord server.


A special role for streamers

Easily know when members in your server go live. Sx Live can automatically add a special role to people when they start streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or listening to Spotify, and take it away when they stop. You can also configure a custom whitelist to filter specific members.


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