An advanced, highly configurable, and stable ticket bot!

Sticky is a highly customizable ticket bot, suitable for every server!

With all the features you could ever want in your ticket bot, such as:

  • A configurable command-prefix
  • Fully customizable messages
  • A webpanel for changing settings
  • HTML transcripts
  • Transcripts sent directly to users
  • A customizable staff role, ticket category, ticket prefix, you name it!
  • A message to which users can reply with an emote to open a ticket
  • A detailed documentation on
  • And all that completely free to use!

For a quickstart

Go to
It is highly recommended to follow this page completely.
Also houses information about settings, commands, and placeholders.


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Not the prettiest, but can change all messages and stuff for free

By Fluttery#22405

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