Gordon Ramsay#8665

A bot that's based on Gordon Ramsay with Insults, Economy, Moderation, and more!

Gordon Ramsay Bot

It is based on the British chef, restaurateur, writer, television personality and food critic, Gordon Ramsay. It has features such as Insults, Moderation, and more! More features are always being added to this bot! To know when a major update or command is added please join the Support Server!

Command Modules

General Commands

Name Description
info Information about the bot
feedback [description] Allows you to send feedback to the bot developers
ping Shows bots latencty
support Invite to support server
vote Upvote the bot on top.gg and Discord Boats
social Sends links to Gordon Ramsay's social media accounts
prefix Shows the current bot prefix
prefix set Sets the bot prefix
prefix delete Clears the bot prefix

Fun Commands

Name Description
gay Answers the ultimate question: how gay is someone
insult [user] Insults you
foodmeme Shows a food meme from Reddit
lambsauce [user] Where's the lambsauce!?!?!?!?!?
rps [choice] Plays rock, paper, or scissors against the computer

Moderation Commands

Name Description
ban [optional: user] Bans a member from the server
kick [optional: user] Kicks a member from the server
purge [amount] Deletes the amount of messages specified at once


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