Party! is a multi-purpose bot built with the intent of bringing fun to boring servers!


Party is a simple, multi-purpose bot with many features such as:

  • LOTS of "Fun" commands to bring some joy in your chat
  • Image manipulation commands (BECOME THE MEME)
  • Ready-to-use ban, kick and purge commands (BAN EM' ALL)
  • Many useful tools to see stats, convert values and much more!

Party has been made with the intent of making a useful, simple to use discord bot, just for fun! because after all, that's what really matters.

now here's some stats

  • Party is in +300 servers
  • There are +70 commands fully functional out-of-the-box
  • The average ping is around 15-17ms, bye bye lag!
  • 30 commands have been added since last month (April 2020)

also, Party is always getting new features from time to time!


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