A simple and effective moderation bot with a coin system. Color roles are automatically created and assigned to users when they buy them. Read the join message to get started!

Theseus is a moderation bot with a few utilities and tools up its sleeve. It has a coin system which gauges and tracks how active a user is by the amount of messages they send and how many coins they have. There is a leaderboard and purchasable roles for coins, which are automatically created when using the bot. Moderation commands include warn: ?warn, ?warnings, ?clearwarn… there is also a kick command, a ban command, and a setnick command. More commands are DEFINITELY on the way and new features will be coming out almost daily. Be prepared for a new and evolved bot every so often!

UPDATE: Theseus now has case features. To use this feature, you must set a log channel using ?setlog ?case updates the reason for a case. Embeds are sent in the log channel with all the information.


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