Activity Roles#3637

Automatically give your members a role when they start playing a game or program.

Game Roles

Game Roles is a bot that automatically adds, removes and manages roles when users start or stop playing specific games. It checks their Discord activity and rich presence to see, then gives and removes the roles that you define.

Getting started

A list of commands can be found with gr!help.

To add a role to the list, use gr!add ["game name"] [@role], with the name of the game in quotes and the mentioned role after it. You can then see it in gr!list and remove it with gr!remove [id]. Once added, a role will be monitored until it's removed.


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
help View a list of commands and guides, or get information for a specified command. `help <command alias>` h
ping Returns the bots latency to Discord. ping n/a 0s
stats View the bots statistics. stats n/a 0s
add Add a game to the roles list. add ["game name"] [@role] n/a 5s
list List the active roles in your server. list n/a 5s
remove Remove a game from the roles list. remove [id] delete 5s

<> = optional, [] = required. Game names must be wrapped in quotes.

Click here to invite the bot, or click here to go to the support server. Make sure to vote for Game Roles!


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