A utility-centric Discord bot that enhances your Discord server experience, featuring descriptive osu! commands and music.


What is it?

Vyxos is an automated chat bot for the popular chat service Discord. With its extensive API and many active bot developers, Vyxos takes the lead with its advanced osu! commands, utility commands, music features, and so much more.

Primary features

  • Extensive osu! commands
    • Fetch user statistics from osu!, including the user's PP, play time, 1st place rankings, followers, level progress, and more. Did I also mention it applies for every mode?
    • View your recent or best performances, with map details included! Now you can show off your recent SS+ play without ever having to leave Discord.
    • Check the top 25 players worldwide for any mode, according to their PP.
    • Vyxos offers a comparison tool to compare your stats with another player. You can instantly tell who is better in what aspect of the game, because it will tell you!
  • Utility features
    • Browse Reddit, search Wikipedia/Urban Dictionary, analyze an image, translate any sentence, and more!
  • Music
  • Play or search a song from YouTube directly from Discord! Your server members can add their own if you like
  • Under the hood...
    • Vyxos has an intelligent ratelimit and auto-blacklist system to ensure that Vyxos doesn't abuse any API. It's proven itself to be very reliable with little margin of error. However, it's still forgiving to first-time offenders, because I believe everybody deserves a second chance.
    • Easy to maintain and read because Vyxos is coded in TypeScript. If you're interested to see how it works, you'll be surprised to see how easy it is!

Ready to invite? Need support?

Invite the bot using this link! And, if you need support or help with anything, want to report a bug, or just say hi, come join the support server. (It gets lonely sometimes...)


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