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Global Bump - A Bot To Bump Your Sever!

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Global Bump | A Bump Bot For Your Server

Global Bump a bot for your needs! A bump bot made and updated by Global ADs, along with a group of developers that help to maintain and upgrade the bot! Premium as well as normal features are available within the bot. Have a feedback send them in using the commands available in the bot. Prefix g!, g!help for all the commands available…

Add Me To Your Server!!!

Here Are Some Of Commands Used In The Bot:

g!info - Bot Information

g!ping - Bot Latency

g!uptime - Bot Uptime

g!feedback - Give A Feedback On The Bot

g!help - Help Command

g!listed-servers - Ads Bumped On

Much More Commands…


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Having Premium Will Allow You To Bump Your Server In The Premium Category & May More Waits…