Peepo Spook#7403

A discord bot that provides, fun, image-manipulating, moderation and queries to your server.


## Peepo Version - 1.0.0 - ALPHA ##

Peepo Bot Command list:

Prefix is $.

Peepo automatically creates a role called - peepo:muted when using $mute command

When using $mute I haven't coded an unmute, so make the times accurate or remove them from the peepo:muted role.

By default levelling up is disabled, run $togglelevelups to enable / disable it.

V2 is when a bunch of new fun / voice commands are deployed.



Command Description
BugReport Send a bug report directly to my designated channel.
Changelog Get the latest information on the current build, and what's changed.
Commands Have an advanced embed showing all commands
Help Shows help on the specified command.
Suggest Send a suggestion report directly to my designated channel.



Command Description
BetRoll Bet Peepo Cookies on prediction of the outcome of rolling a dice.
Slots Spins the reels of the slot machine and shows you the result. (Pointless really)
ThisOrThat Asks a this or that question.
WouldYouRather Asks a would you rather question.



Command Description
Avatar Shows avatar of a specified user of your Discord server.
ChannelInfo Shows information of a specified text or voice channel of your Discord server.
InRole Shows members that have a specified role in your Discord server.
Live Shows the list of users in your Discord server who are currently streaming.
Ping Shows the response time and average WebSocket ping of Peepo.
RoleInfo Shows various information on a specific role.
Roles Shows all roles and their ID'S
ServerInfo Shows information of the Discord server.
Stats Shows detailed stats and info of Peepo
TopGames Shows information of what the most top player games are within the discord server (Resets after Peepo restarts)
Twitch Shows information of a live twitch channel.
UserInfo Shows information of a specified user of your Discord server.
UserLookup Fetches basic information of a user from Discord.



Command Description
Airhorn Plays an airhorn in a voice channel. How to annoy everyone 101.
BuildaWall Plays a trump remix of building a wall.
FBI Plays "FBI OPEN UP" meme.
Fuckhumanity Plays a song about fucking all of humanity
Gimmehentai Plays a song about wanting your own hentai girl
ManTits Plays a sad song about having man-tits.
Steppin Plays Spongebob steppin' on a beach.
Thot Plays "BE GONE THOT":
ZING Plays.. Well. Play it. I won't share this one.



Command Description
4Kporn Obtains a random HIGH QUALITY IMAGE of porn. (Hello Quality? I'd like to invest in 8K some time.)
Asian Obtains a random image of an Asian. (I won't judge you.)
Ass Obtains a random image of Ass. (Hello right hand, it's me)
Bdsm Obtains a random image of BDSM / Bondage. (Well. Rope me dead.)
Blowjob Obtains a random image/gif of a girl giving a Blowjob. (It's a job to blow air? Wow.)
Boobs Obtains a random image of Boobs. (Hello right hand, it's me)
Cameltoe Obtains a random image of a Cameltoe. (Hey, did you steal that toe from the camel? Give it back.)
Cosplay Obtains a random image of a sexc Cosplayer.(Hello Favourite Video game? I'm going to exploit you.)
Cum Obtains a random image/gif of a girl receiving cum. (What a sticky situation.)
Creampie Obtains a random image/gif of a girl receiving a creampie. (Oh my god. I love Cream pie. Buy me some.)
Futanari Obtains a random image of a dick.. on a girl? (Hello Mum, I'm scared.)
Grool Obtains a random image of Grool. (Hello right hand, it's me)
Hentai Obtains a random image/gif of..sigh..Hentai.. from an API. (Hello Police? I'd like to report a crime.)
Lesbian Obtains a random image of Lesbians. (Hello gay friends, I support you.)
PornGif Obtains a random gif of a pornographic environment. (Hello Technology? I'd like to thank you.)
Tentai Obtains a random image of Tentacle Porn. (Hello OCTUSPUS POLICE?! I'M REPORTING ILLEGAL SHIT.)
Titfuck Obtains a random image/gif of tit-fucking. (Why?)
Vagina Obtains a random image of a Vagina. (Hello both hands. It's me. Ya boy.)



Command Description
BeLikeBill Send a "be like bill meme" to make you feel morally superior to others.
BlockText Sends the given text as text emojis.
Christmas Advent-Calendar, runs from 1st to 24th of December. Get yourself a gift daily. 120+ possibilities.
Clapify I 👏 want 👏 more 👏 cake
Compliment Compliment a user, since you couldn't think of one yourself.
Dicksize Ever wondered what you size up to another user? Now's the chance.
FidgetSpinner Fuck me why did I even add this, kill myself.
Fortune Tells you your fortune... from a fortune cookie. Neat.
Insult Hey you. Yeah you. Go fuck yourself.
Pickup Got the hots for a girl and don't know what to say? You added me to your server. I'm basically your wingman now.
Punch Start a fight! Punch a god damn user.
Ship Combines two or more mentioned user's names.
Skyrim I use to write full descriptions until I took an arr--
Slap User being a bitch? Slap them back into place.
Vaporwave īŧ´īŧ¨īŧŠīŧŗ īŧŠīŧŗ īŧŖīŧ¯īŧ¯īŧŦ



Command Description
Bunny Fetch a bunny.
Cat Fetch a kitty.
Dog Fetch a cute woofer.
Duck Fetch a quacker.
Fox Fetch a fox.
Meme Fetch a dank meme.



Command Description
Achievement Generate a shitty minecraft achievement. I'll provide one when you die as well
Beautiful Wanna show a user they're beautiful? Go on then.
Bobross [RIP BOBROSS] Man, let him paint you. Or someone else.
Changemymind Change my mind on something, I dare you. I fucking DOUBLE DARE YOU.
Clyde Mock up some text from the default Discord Bot.
Confused Be confused. You're confusing. Send it.
Facepalm Hey did that user say some dumb shit? Facepalm it!
Garbage Show everyone who's garbage. Show em'.. Show em' yourself. you piece of shit.
Hates Show everyone the 4 things you hate the most
Jpeg JPEG quality a url photo.
Magik MAGIK quality a url photo.
Gay Hey, support the gays. Show the support. Colour that avatar.
Sniper That TF2 sniper is FUCKING terrified of you.
Triggered T R I G G E R E D.gif
Tweet Mock up text from any twitter name. RealDonaldTrump I'm coming for you.
VaultBoy I've always wanted to be a Fallout survivor
VirtualReality This is so realistic. I wanna cry



Command Description
Destiny2 Get stats of any Destiny2 player.
Fortnite Get stats of any Fortnite player.
Overwatch Get stats of any Overwatch player.
Rainbow6 Get stats of any Rainbow Six player.

Adding new ones soon. Some API'S were removed



Command Description
EndPoll Ends a poll and shows the results. (if any)
IAm Adds yourself to a 'Self-Assignable Role' if the server has any.
IAmNot Removes yourself from a 'Self-Assignable Role'.
Leaderboard Show's a Leaderboard of who's got the most XP and such within the server.
Poll Create a poll with 2 options and set a time (Default time if not provided is 60 minutes)
PollStats Get information on a poll that is running.
Shop Server_Admin Set up a Shop for users to purchase virtual items with their Peepo Cookies.



Command Description
Buy Buy items from the Server's Shop.
Daily Claim your daily Peepo Cookies.
Karma Give Karma to user's within the Discord Server (Basically Reputation. Removing in the future.)
Level Shows your level and the amount of XP (Experience points) remaining for next level. (Removing in future)
MyItems Shows what items you've bought from the Server's Shop.
PeepoCookies Show's the amount of Peepo Cookies you or anyone has.
Profile Show's yours / anyone's Profile within that Discord Server and a bit of information on it.
Rank Shows yours / anyone's rank within the Discord Server. (Removing in future)
SetBio Set your Bio for your $profile so anyoen can view.
SetBirthDate Set your Birthdate for your $profile so anyone can view.



Command Description
Asar Server_Admin Add a role to the "Self Assignable Role" list.
Disablecommand Server_Admin Disable a specific Peepo command for all use.
Enablecommand Server_Admin Enable a specific Peepo command for all use.
Give Give a user of your choosing some Peepo Cookies.
GiveXP Server_Owner Give a user of your choosing XP (Experience points)
LevelUpMessage Server_Admin Enable / Disable level up messages for when a user level's up.
LevelUpRole Server_Admin Enable / Disable an automatic role users are placed in when they level up.
Lsar Server_Admin List the "Self Assignable Role" list.
MembersOnly Server_Admin Disable Peepo from being used from users without a role.
ModLog Server_Admin Shows various Moderation (Audit) logs. (Pointless, view your Audit log.)
Rsar Server_Admin Remove a role from the "Self Assignable Role" list.
ReportChannel Server_Admin Set a specific channel designated for users that use the $report command.
ResetModerationLogs Server_Admin Resets the Mod-Log back to 1.
RoleStore View the Role Store on what you can buy with the virtual currency (PC - Peepo Cookies)
SellRole Server_Admin Sell a Role so those with the right amount of PC can buy that specific role.
ServerSettings Shows various moderation settings on what's been toggled and what hasn't been.
StreamerRole Server_Admin Make a specific role the "Streamer Role" so when a user starts streaming, he's automatically placed there.
Streamers Server_Admin Adds / removes / displays the list of streamers followed by the server to get notified when they are live.
Take Server_Admin Take any amount of (PC - Peepo Cookies) from a user.
ToggleLevelUps Server_Owner Enable / Disable levelling up within your server. (*By default this is OFF)
TogglePeepo Server_Owner Enable / Disable Peepo within your server. (This includes all modules + commands)



Command Description
Ban Bans the specified user from your Discord server and removes 7 days of their message history.
Case Fetches any moderation action, that's placed within the moderation log channel.
Clear Deletes a bulk of specified messages from a text channel of your Discord server.
ClearWarn Clears all warnings from the given user.
Kick Kicks the specified user from your Discord server.
ListWarns Lists all the warned users of your Discord Server.
Lockdown Lockdown whatever channel this command is used in for a specific amount of time (Sad face. No more porn gifs)
Mute Mute a specific user for a certain period of time.
Report Report a user to the Discord's server's appropriate user's.
SoftBan Bans & unbans the specified user, immediately, from your Discord server and removes 7 days of their message history.
UnBan You know what this does.
Warn Warns the specified user. If three warns are given, some action, created by the warnAction command, is taken.
WarnAction Sets the warn action for the server {Used for above command}.


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