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A multipurpose bot with highlight notifications and a lot of utility features.

This is the #1 highlight bot you will ever come across. The highlight features are useful for moderators that can't or don't want to watch every channel 24/7 looking for text or images that break the rules in a server. The bot is categorized as a multipurpose discord bot. It includes features such as highlight notifications so you can setup plain word triggers or for advanced users RegExp triggers. The bot also has a feature for OCR so the bot can scan images posted by users and notify you of words in them, this feature may be disabled at any time. We do have a lot of other features as well such as moderation. You can use the bots h!help command for more information on the bot and bot commands. h! is the bots default prefix, which can be customized. You may also use @mention as the prefix if you'd like. If you enjoy this bot then feel free to check out our other bot StratoBotElite which has a much more variety of features to choose from. If you have any questions or issues with any of our bots then feel free to let us know on our Support Server so we can get them fixed. Thank you for choosing our bots. We hope you find that everything's to your liking with these unique bots ❤.

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