A moderation bot with autorole setting and antiinvite

A moderation bot with multiple settings to make the bot yours. It's currently the main bot of Devsquare.

Updates are frequent and you can always suggest and report bugs to me.

Commands List:


w!8ball - Ask the magic 8ball a question

w!slap - With this command you can slap other people :)


w!checklevel - Check perm level

w!invite - Get invite link for the bot

w!pingme - Ping

w!role - Get a role's info by mention/id

w!roles - Get all the roles of the current guild

w!serverinfo - Get the current server info

w!stats - Shows bot stats

w!uptime - Shows bot uptime

w!userinfo - Get a user's info by mention/id


w!ban - Bans the user mentioned/id.

w!clearwarnings - Clears the user mentioned/id warnings.

w!hackban - Hackbans the user id.

w!kick - Kicks the user mentioned/id.

w!mute - Mutes the user mentioned/id.

w!prune - Prune messages

w!reason - Sets a case reason

w!softban - Softbans the user mentioned/id.

w!unban - Unbans the user id.

w!unmute - Unmutes the user mentioned/id.

w!warn - Issues a warning to the user mentioned/id.

System w!help - Shows all commands.


w!codeblock - Make a message to a codeblock

w!docs - Search for a query in discord.js library

w!npm - Search for npm packages

w!settings - Set, change or remove the current guild settings


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