20+ Languages, Entertainment, Minigames, Highly Customizable, Auto Voice Channels, Anti-Pings, Looking For Group, Utility & More!


Highlighted Features

  • Custom Prefixes
  • Multilingual Support click for files
  • Custom 8ball Responses
  • A Large Variety Of Settings
  • Restrict Commands To Specific Channels
  • Enable/Disable Most Commands
  • Auto Voice Channels
  • LFG System
  • Developer has open DM's for suggestions + Support Server!


Only the italicized permissions are completely required. All other permissions are optional but will prevent your server from using the features said.

  • Add Reactions - Required for a few games (tictactoe, connect4)
  • Attach Files - Required for text makers (supreme)
  • Embed Links - Required for help menus and most messages
  • Manage Messages - Required for clear command and auto delete user messages when running specific commands
  • Manage Server - Required for the Fake Ping command
  • Manage Roles - Required for the Looking For Group system
  • Manage Webhooks - Required to follow news channels
  • Read/Send Messages - Required at all times
  • Use External Emojis - Required for Magic8's custom emojis

These permissions can be given to Magic8, or for the category selected for Auto Voice Channels

  • Manage Channel - Required for Auto Voice Channels
  • Move Members - Required for Auto Voice Channels


Developers: Fyrlex#2740 & AlonsoAliaga#0017

Guide: https:/

Note: Contact us any time for suggestions, comments or questions! We really appreciate it!

Support Server:


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