Quote messages sent by yourself or other users. Supports embeds, attachments, and quoting from content or IDs.


QuoteBot is a simple Discord bot that allows you to quote messages by their content or ID. It also supports quoting attachments and embeds, as well as quoting messages sent up to 2 weeks ago, allowing you to reference older messages in conversations or for other uses.

  • Supports embeds, attachments and normal content.
  • Allows quoting messages sent any time in the past 2 weeks.
  • Blocks re-mentioning users.
  • Customizable, disable specific features of the bot.
  • Easy to use with simple > quoting functionality inspired by Markdown.
  • Fast and reliable.

How to get started

To quote a message, start your message with >, followed the the partial/full content of the message, or the message ID, see here for an example. The bot will then quote the first message it finds that matches the provided content or ID. If the message is from a bot, or contains an embed/any attachments, these will be marked and included as such, unless disabled.

For a list of other commands available, see q!help.


Support & requesting features

All support is provided in the official Discord server, where you can also suggest new features or report any bugs that may occur.

Created with ❤ by ThatTonybo.


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