The Police Bot#4373

TPB is a police style versatile and multifunctional discord bot able to do automated moderation, leveling, music, games and a lot more

The Police Bot is a police style versatile and multifunctional discord bot with the following options:

• Admin automation (self-role assignment, cross-server announcements, mod-mail reports) • Moderation features (kick/ban/softban/hackban, mod-log, filter, chat cleanup) • Games (AdventureRPG, Trivia, Casino, Hunting, Heist, Chess, Monopoly and more) • Music features (YouTube, SoundCloud, local files, playlists, queues) • Stream alerts (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Hitbox, Picarto) • Leveling ( role automatisation, costumize profile, import settings from mee) • Custom commands, embeds, RSS for Officer Down Memorial Page and a lot more!

Special features:

• Channel list (Create a automatic updated list with all channels and there topics.) • Activity checker (See how active you are in a set time and get a role if you reach a threshold.) • Cition (Work in progres) (Create custom animated citations) • Random Emoji (Post a random emoji from a server where the bot is in) • Dashboard (work in progres) (Dashboard to controle the bot)


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