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Managing your server and keeping your members entertained have now became easier. Bump/Partner advertisements, music and much more!

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Main Features:

  1. Moderation commands
  2. Fun commands
  3. Basic commands
  4. Welcome and goodbye messages
  5. Weather checker
  6. Role Management
  7. Levelling
  8. Basic games that you can play while chatting with your friends (UPDATING!)
  9. Roblox Verification (FIXED!)
  10. AI Talking
  11. Bump Advertisements (NEW!)
  12. etc.

Why Codiac?

“Why should I use Codiac over other bots?” you may ask. Well, Codiac is not perfect, so you might need other bots to make your server amazing. Let’s get back to the original topic then. Codiac is a multi-functional bot that has many features and those main ones are listed on top. Codiac’s partner/bump feature is not too overpowered like some other partner/bump bots are. You need to bump your server yourself every 20 minutes or else no bump advertisements of your server will be sent. Besides, Codiac updates frequently and have a fast support speed. If you report a bug, you should expect it to be fixed after 1 or 2 days. On the other hand, Codiac have a calculation command - ><calc. It has features like normal calculators have and an unit conversion. Lastly, there’s commands that can ‘ify’ messages, like ><embedfy and ><emojify that can make your messages more interesting. If you decided to add Codiac to your server, that’s great! If decided to not to, that’s fine. At least you know that Codiac exists. There’s some greater bots out there if you think Codiac is not good enough. It’s your choice to choose which!

Games Tutorial and Basics:

You start of with 0 cookies and 0 CP. To gain cookies, you’ll need to type ><income. Then you can eat those cookies by typing ><eat. You’ll gain CP by eating cookies. 1 cookie = 3 CP. Type ><gamestats to view your CP. Type ><balance to view how many cookies you got. This game also includes battling. To battle your friends, type ><duel <user mention>. Or you can challenge a NPC by typing ><challenge.

How to setup bump advertisements:

Create a bump channel Type ><setup in the bump channel and do the following Type ><bump to send your first bump, the second, the third… Done! Fast and easy. There’s a 20 minutes cooldown on the bump command so spams doesn’t happen. Basic knowledge for using Codiac:

You can type “help” after a command to recieve their usage. Some commands do not have this feature because they’re probably commands that doesn’t require extra arguments. Upvoting the bot can give you perks in Codiac game. You’ll receive 1000 cookies for upvoting which equals to 3000 CP. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to join our support server by clicking the “Join Support Server” button on top or type ><support. They do the same, it’s your choice to choose which. Codiac has approximately 40 commands for you to use and 2 commands for authorized personal only. Codiac is still work in progress so you may encounter some bugs. Codiac will be offline when the developer is updating it or something. Please be patient and it will be back online soon. To get the bot setup instructions, type ><instruction or else unwanted messages may appear in random channels. You gain XPs as you chat. To view your XPs and levels, type ><profile. Type ><help to view a list of commands. There are 2 pages of commands. Type ><instruction to setup the new partner/bump feature.

Profile Settings / Configurations:

Type ><profile to view your profile. Type ><config to configure your profile. Examples: ><config bday 24/1 OR ><config desc The best person ever. OR ><config embedcolor #ffa500.

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