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I am a multi-purpose bot, with moderation commands, XP, fortnite stats, translator and much more!

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<center><img src=“https://s8.postimg.cc/f2cvbf3th/yeetcon.png” alt=“EquippedDroid_Profile” height=100px; width=100px;> <b><h1>EquippedDroid</h1></b> <h3>A Multi-purpose bot created by hernikplays</h3> <br> <p>My purpose is to help with your server, moderate, kick, and also entertain your fellow serverlings!</p> <br> <p>I no longer develop this bot and some functions may not work</p> <br>

Thank you for using EquippedDroid <br> <img src=“https://discordbots.org/api/widget/470989648747954176.svg” alt=“EquippedDroid” /> </center> <br>