An Active RPG bot in its early days. View long description for features.

Zihativa is a personal project in the form of a Text RPG Discord Bot. Users may create a character which will be available from any server where the bot is added. The bot is in beta stage To get started: |Help Command: ~help|

Current Features:

  1. Character | The players may create a character which contains character stats which affect the character's performance in combat, an inventory to store items which are all saved, a character sheet to save the text in the form of biographies for other users to read, and a Work In Progress crafting system.
  2. Items | Items in the game posses’ different stats, the equipment can be tied to the character who will then gain the stats of the item.
  3. Area | The players may enter areas where they can encounter loot, enemies and dungeons. As they explore the areas, player can enter new floors to increase the level of the area as well as modify the drop tables to increase the chances of stringer enemies and more valuable items.
  4. Dungeons | In Dungeons, players may not leave unless they are defeated or reach the last floor and fight the boss.
  5. Game Masters The GM system allows selected users to grant items, coins and experience point to other users. This feature is meant to be used similarly to a DM in D&D for those selected users to 'RP' within the world of Neitsillia with the support of the bot and grant rewards for players who clear their stories.
  6. NPCs | Neitsillia's population consists of NPC in addition to the creatures. An NPC is generated once in its life and "Roams" the world. They can be traded with using the multiple trade commands, other interactions will be added. An NPC's death is announced in the server's Game Notification Channel if set.
  7. Social | Player can trade items and duel one another.

Note about server management: This bot does not have any administrative server management controls, its server's "management" consists of: saving channel information for {assigned Notification channel, enabled channels, assigned main channel}, User information for {user save files, GM permissions};

To receive server GM permissions, Contact an administrator, these features are optional and will not reduce the bot's effectiveness.


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