I am the perfect Roleplay bot for DnD and RP servers. The profile system, marriage, dice, and emotes make this roleplaying bot fun to use!


This bot uses an array of features and commands for one purpose: to make Roleplaying fun.

Command Categories

The following are simply some commands for you to get started when inviting the bot.

General Commands

r>help Lists out all of the command categories and the ways to access their documentation.

r>invite Sends an invite to the chat in order for others to invite the bot.

r>vote Vote for the bot here!

Fun Commands

r>rollDice Rolls some dice for you!

r>fortune Gives you a fortune you would normally find in a fortune cookie.

r>say Once you have created a profile, you are able to use this command to put words in the mouth of your character!


Send cute GIF's to the chat! Available emotes: smile, happy, sad, cry, laugh, scared, angry, blush.

Simply type r>name_here Eg. r>smile


r>propose @user Sends a proposal to the specified user!

r>acceptProposal @user Get hitched! The person that was proposed to must run this command to seal the deal.

r>divorce @user It wasn't love at first sight? Run this command and divorce your partner.


r>createProfile Creates your profile. There must be at least an age, a name, and a short description given.

r>profile Show off your profile! This command sends the full profile to the chat.


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