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Unosial is a multifunctional bot with lots of features that will help you manage your discord !

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Unosial is a multifunction bot that allows you to customize your discord. With Unosial, you can configure it from its dashboard ! (

Here is the list of all available categories:

🚔 Moderation

Unosial has a powerful moderation system with the possibility to kick discord members, mutes, warns, ban and others! It also stores all the sanctions, and you can view them with the &history command, you can also see the warnings with this command.

🏆 Level

A level system is also present on Unosial, with the possibility to add ranks, to see the leaderboard, to give/clear from the xp and to see the guild leaderboard on the dashboard.

📌 Utile

Many systems to manage your discord are available on Unosial. Welcome/bye message (customizable from A to Z), auto-role and lots of other nice systems. You can even change the bot prefix!

📰 Info

Thanks to Unosial, you will know all the information of your discord.

🔰 Guild

You can create your own guild (= faction) with your friends, be the first on the xp leaderboard of the bot!

⚠️ These are not the only commands available on the bot, they are only the main ones !

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