A Discord Bot that allows users to create a Ticket Support System.

Hi! I'm RogueTickets, a Discord bot centered around helping you moderate your Discord with a Ticket System. I have a bunch of commands you can use, and they're split into categories. They are as follows:

Essential Administrative:

  • SetAdminRole - Change the Admin Role that can perform Administrative commands.
  • SetCooldown - Changes the ticket creation cooldown (Default 5 minutes).
  • SetGuildLimit - Sets Maximum amount of tickets per guild.
  • SetOpenable - Changes whether Tickets can be made (Default is false to allow for configuration if necessary).
  • SetSupportRole - Change the Support Role that can perform Support commands and is automatically added to tickets.
  • SetTicketCategory - Sets the category where tickets are moved to.
  • SetTicketLogs - Changes the Ticket logs channel.
  • SetTranscriptLogs - Sets the Channel for Transcripts to be sent to.
  • SetUserLimit - Sets the Maximum amount of tickets per user.

Optional Administrative

  • Blacklist - Add a user from to blacklist.
  • Blacklists - Check the blacklisted users.
  • SetChannel - Locks ticket creation to a channel.
  • SetSuccessMessage - Changes the "Success" message.
  • SetPrefix - Changes the Prefix for your Guild (Default rt.).
  • SetTicketMessage - Changes the default message inside the tickets.
  • Unblacklist - Remove a user from the blacklist.


  • Add - Adds a user to the ticket.
  • Remove - Removes a user from the ticket.


  • New - Create a new Ticket for the Support Team.
  • Close - Closes the support ticket.
  • Transcript - Sends a Transcript of the Ticket in the current channel.


  • About - Displays information about me.
  • Changelogs - View the recent changelogs for the bot
  • Help - Shows a list of commands and their descriptions.
  • Invite - Sends a link to invite me to your guild.
  • Ping - Displays my latency.
  • Vote - Get a list of vote links.
  • Uptime - Shows how long I've been online for.

I have two invite links, one is the minimal permissions I need, and the other is Administrator to make sure I won't have any issues. On inviting me, I send a command help message in the bottom most channel I have access to showing Admin commands. This is because typically this channel is either admin channels (If I can send messages to it) and people can't see it, or if it isn't it's usually a channel not many people see. You can pick which by using the links below:

Administrator - You don't have to worry about any permission errors. Minimal - Might cause some permission errors if the bot has multiple roles.


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