This bot is used to share Rocket League stats. It also includes features like team building and random fun/jokes, nsfw and userphone.

Rocket League stat bot with a twist of jokes

  • Many commands have multiple options how to use.
  • Different example options are separated with a pipe -> |
  • Optional parameters are surrounded with []
  • Since prefix can be configured by the server admins, any command here listed is marked with the default --
  • Help command will always work with the default prefix as well
  • Some commands need special permissions or channel settings


alt RLRC-ranks

alt RLRC-extra-ranks

alt RLRC-teamgen

User commands

Shows the prefix used by this server


Register your platform id, default steam

--register [steam|epic|xbox|psn] platform_id

Remove your registred platform

--register clear

Get your own stats or extra mode stats. Need registration

--me [extra|e|xtra|ex]

Get certain user stats. Mentioned user must be registred

--stats [steam|epic|xbox|psn] platform_id|@mention

Get certain user extramode stats. Mentioned user must be registred

--stats-extra [steam|epic|xbox|psn] platform_id|@mention

Get your or mentioned user platform info. Need registration

--info [@mention]

Get your or mentioned user saved steam id. Need steam registration

--steamid [@mention]

Get your or mentioned user steam profile url. Need steam registration

--steam [@mention]

Shows time until next tourney starts (EU only)


Create random teams, default 3v3

--random-teams [2v2|3v3|4v4] @mention @mention @mention ...

Rank tier distribution
Get playlist ranking distribution

--distribution [1s|2s|2v2|3s|3v3|dropshot|hoops|snowday|rumble]

Talk to random people


Fake your stats
Register fake id to show if someone ask for your stats

--fake [steam|epic|xbox|psn] platform_id

Clear fake stats

--fake clear

Get a random joke or specific category

--joke [misc|code|misc|chuck|dad|dark]

Admin commands

Set the prefix for this server (eg *)

--prefix *

Disable certain command (eg --help)

--disable help

Enable certain command (eg --help)

--enable help

Enable bot to be used only in certain channel

--command-channel #channel

Enable bot to be used everywhere

--command-channel clear

Set channel where bot notify 1h before tourney

--tc #channel

Stop sending tourney messages

--tc clear

Remove last 10 bot messages. No argument will remove 1, max 100

--clear 10

Help commands
Show this message or specific category

--help [admin|other|mafia]

Get the support channel invite


Command aliases
--h      | --help
--s      | --stats
--se     | --stats-extra
--r      | --register
--h      | --help
--nt     | --next-tourney
--rt     | --random-teams
--cc     | --command-channel
--rank   | --me
--rank @ | --stats 
--d      | --distribution 
--up     | --userphone 


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