MarksBot is a Discord moderation and fun bot it has plenty of commands to keep you busy and entertained, including starboard features, custom word filter, anagram solver etc

General Commands

m.8ball - Lets you ask the magic 8ball a question

m.afk - Used to go AfK, if you set a message it will display your AFK message to users who tag you as well as how long you have been AFK for

m.anagram - Used to solve anagrams

m.avatar - Display the avatar of the mentioned user (you can also just type their name without tagging)

m.big - Shows a jumbo version of the emoji you select

m.bill - Generate a be like bill image - Dance and compete with other users in the server and globally

m.emoji - Displays the custom emoji of the server

m.emote - Displays information about the emote you provide

m.fns - Fortnite daily shop

m.fns2 - Fortnite daily shop with images and ability to scroll through results

m.hex - Displays the color of the HEX code you provide

m.math - Solve those pesky math problems

m.mss - Check the status of a Minecraft server

m.myperms - Shows you your current permissions

m.remindme - Set yourself a reminder and MarksBot will be sure you don't forget

m.todo - View your todo list, use m.todo+ to add an item to your list

m.uptime - View system uptime m.uptime vps - View the VPS uptime [gamertag - View someones Xbox profile - example markawes

Moderation Commands

Here we have the standard commands that you would expect

m.ban m.kick m.mute

m.filter - This shows the options for the word filter

m.server lock|unlock - Locks down the server so only staff can talk

m.starboard - Used to set the starboard channel, how many stars are needed etc

Fun Commands

m.spinner - Spin the fidget spinner, how long can you spin for?

m.plane - Set off a paper plane, how far does it travel? - How long can you dance for?

m.tri - Test your knowledge

A full list of commands can be found on the website at along with what permissions are needed for each command at

Alternatively you can run for a few helpful links.


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gud bot

its a gud bot

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