A fun, all purpose Discord Bot that can help moderate and entertain your chat and users


TheIronBot is a fun all purpose discord bot! it can help you with everyday boring jobs such as keeping the chat clean of immature 12yr olds and pedofiles. It also has an economy so you can feed your hungry users, and entertain them with fun commands!


tib help : DMs the person most problems people will face using this bot

tib ping : Says pong (has been around since the dawn of the internet)

tib 8ball [QUESTION] : It is a 8ball command if you do ^8ball [QUESTION]

it will give you one of three answers (Yes, Maybe and No)

tib flipacoin : Flips a coin (heads, tails)

tib rolladie : Rolls a die 6 sided die (1,2,3,4,5,6)

tib pruge [NUMBER] : Clears a number of messages that the sender sets

tib kick [@person] (optional reason) : Kicks the said person

tib ban [@person] (optional reason) : Bans the said person

tib dm [@person] [message] : DMs the said person with said message

tib daily : To get your daily coins

tib profile : to see your profile

tib shop : To see the shop

tib dailyskip : To use the Daily Skip item

tib swearshield : To turn on/off the Swear Shield

tib description : To change descripton (100 coins)

tib gamble [coins] : Gambles the amount of said coins

tib give [@someone] amount : to give said person said amount of coins from your virtual wallet

tib weekly : you get your weekly coins

tib videogame : activates videogame badge

tib hearteyes : activates hearteyes badge

tib moneymouth : activates moneymouth badge

tib badgewipe : clears all badges from your profile

tib modlog [textchannel] : sets the mod log

tib warn [@person] : warns said person

tib clearwarns [@person] : clears said persons warns


if you do tib clear [number] and it does nothing that means that the message is more than 14 days old and it can not delete it


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