Jack Frost#1170

A bot with over 60+ commands for image / meme generation and manipulation.

*slaps roof of server rack* this bad boy can fit so much memes and generated images in it

  • Turn a photo with a face into an anime character with -anime.
  • Watermark your photo with an iFunny watermark using -ifunny.
  • Make a birthday cake for someone using -cake with up to two lines of text.
  • Keep calm and.. make them yourself using -keepcalm and filling in the last 2 lines of the original picture.
  • Become a totally real leprechaun using -leprechaun.
  • Have Obama or Trump hold your picture using -obama without text and -trump with text.
  • Have a cat look at your photo using -readingcat.
  • Broadcast your own news headline using -news with up to 3 arguments.
  • Turn into an Alien with -alien.
  • And much more, with over 60+ commands and growing.

Offensive Commands Automatically Locked

Worried about possible offensive commands? These are locked behind one of the several small configuration settings which are very easy to set. Commands which can be considered offensive require the All Commands setting to be turned on.


The bot remembers pictures previously posted in a text channel, allowing you and friends to re-use pictures posted by the bot, another person and even another bot without having to copy a link or save an image.

Mobile Data Friendly

Worried about your mobile data plan draining due to the possible size of the (possible flood of) images? The bot compresses images with little visible compression before sending.


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