Dank memes, Games, Trivia and image filters, music, meme generators, image search and hundreds of fun commands!

OcelotBOT is a general purpose tool and meme bot.
You can find the command list below, or in discord using !help

Command Name Usage (Without the brackets)
Magic 8-ball !8ball
Wise Advice !advice
Artifical Intelligence !ai
Apex Stats !apex [platform]
User Avatar !avatar <@User>
B-ify !b
Band Name Generator !bandname
Barcode Generator !barcode
So Sad Meme !beatmywife [url]
Bernie Meme !bernie
Big Text Generator !bigtext
Birthdays List !birthday help/@user/add/list
Bulge Image !bulge [url]
Calculator !calc [sum]
Chess !chess start <@player>/
Chinese Text !chinese
Christmas Countdown !christmas
Clap Text !clap
Colour Code !colour
Command Count !commandcount
Compliment NSFW !compliment
Crop Image !crop [URL]
Crush !crush
Curse Image !curse [url]
Deepfry !deepfry [url]
Dictionary Lookup !define
Urban Dictionary !defineud
Dictator Meme !dictator
Doot Doot !doot
Edgy Text !edgy
Emoji Search !emoji
Enhance Image !enhance [url]
This is epic meme !epic [url]
Error Message Generator !error
Expand !expand
Red Eyes !eyes [url or @user]
Face Recognition !face [url] or embed
Leave Feedback !feedback [message]
Fire Text Generator !firetext
Coin Flip !flip
Fortnite Stats !fortnite [platform]
Friendship ended with !friendship <@user1> <@user2>
Halloween Countdown !halloween
Handicapped Meme !handicap
Harry Potter Text Generator !potter
Help Command !help [command]
Horny License !horny
Patient Says !patient
Ice Text Generator !icetext
Identify Image !identify [URL]
Google Image Search !image
Imitate User !imitate <@user>
Implode Image !implode [url]
Insult Generator !insult
Bot Invite Link !invite
IP Info !ipinfo
Jesus Meme !jesus
JPEG-ify !jpeg [url]
Available Languages !languages
Last Crash !lastcrash
Love Text Generator !lovetext
Mafia Boss !mafia <@user1> <@user2>
Maxi Code Generator !maxi
Meme !meme help
Mirror Image !mirror [url]
Monochrome Image !monochrome [url]
Music Streaming !music help/play/skip
New Nickname Generator !newnick
Noot Noot !noot
Number Fact !numberfact
Omegle !omegle <start/end>
Opinion on NSFW !opinion
Strong Opinions Meme !opinions
Overlay Images !overlay
Oil Painting !paint [url]
Pet Pet !pet [url or @user]
Ping Address !ping
Poll !poll <option 1, option 2, option 3...>
Porn Suggest NSFW !pornsuggest
Ocelot Premium !premium
User Profile !profile help
QR Code Generator !qr
Rate !rate
Reminders !remind ""
Remove Background !removebg [URL]
Ronald Says !ronald
Rotate Image !rotate [url] [deg]
Rule34 Search NSFW !rule34
Screenshot Website !screenshot
Source Server Info !serverinfo ip:port
Bot Settings !settings help/set/list/enableCommand/disableCommand
Sexy Dice NSFW !sexydice
Sexy Singles !sexysingle <@user or url>
Sharpen Image !sharpen [url]
Ship Generator !ship <@user1> <@user2> ...
Shy Meme !shy
Snapchat Text !snapchat [url] [text]
Snapcode Generator !snapcode
We live in a society meme !society [url]
Guess The Song !guess [stop/stats/leaderboard]
Spell with Reactions !spell [^]
Spoilerise Text !spoiler
Spongebob !spongebob [text]
Spook !spook
Spread Image !spread [url]
Stats !stats
Swirl Image !swirl [url]
Tic Tac Toe !tictactoe start <@player>/
Tile Images !tile
Time !time [timezone]
Trim Image !trim [url]
Trivia !trivia leaderboard monthly
Unshorten URL !unshorten
User Info !user <@User>
User Settings !usersettings help/set/list/enableCommand/disableCommand
User Stats !userstats
Vote For OcelotBOT !vote
Wave Image !wave [url]
Weather !weather
Wikipedia Search !wiki
Zork !zork
Zalgo Text !zalgo
Zoom Image !zoom [url]


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