Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and information about our platform.

How do I submit my bot or server?

To submit your bot, simply click here and you will be redirected to the submission form, or click here to add a server. If you are not already logged in, you will be redirected to Discord and then back to our site.

How does the verification system work?

Back when the site first started up until recently, the verification system was manually done by our staff team. Each bot would have to be invited, checked, and approved/denied based on the features of the bot. Since we have grown, our staff team has not been able to keep up with the volume of bots being submitted daily. We have switched to a more permanent solution in which all bots and servers are automatically approved and listed after 1 week of being in the queue. During the waiting period, your bot or server is not publicly listed to anyone except yourself and the listed owners.

What are the donation perks, and how do I donate?

All donators or supporters of any amount receive perks which are applied to all bots and servers that they are the primary owner of. These following perks are included:

  • Vanity URL

Donations have currently been disabled while the system is being overhauled and more perks are being added. All previous donators will keep their perks but any new donations have been disabled.

What are site admins, and how do I apply to join?

Site administrators are users who manage the content on the site. These users read reports and perform various other activities on a daily basis. Most of these people are also moderators in the Discord servers in addition to managing the site. When we determine that we need more staff, we will open up the staff applications and accept submissions for up to one week. The opening of the applications are announced in our Discord server.

What is this site built with?

This site was built using React with the NextJS framework for the front-end. The back-end runs on a NodeJS webserver which powers the API server. We use MongoDB for the database, Redis for caching user sessions, and RabbitMQ for connecting the API and bot together. Golang was decided as the language for the Discord bot because of the high performance and low memory overhead conditions required by the amount of servers the bot has to manage.

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