Service Shutdown Notice and all related services will be shutting down permanently effective immediately. This shutdown message was posted without any prior announcement due to the sudden decision that this service is no longer effective. There is more information below which further discusses by this shutdown was necessary.

Why is this being shut down?

After contemplating for the last several months, I have decided that the growth and effectiveness of this site has gone way down since its release in 2017. The amount of users and new bots being added are at its lowest since the creation, and the analytics seem to prove that fewer and fewer users are visiting the site each day.

This site has gone without any changes or feature additions for over a year. Seriously, the last bug fix was 6 months ago. The lack of motivation to work on the project has decreased to a halt since the release of v5, and an increase in personal workload outside of programming.

What happens to my data?

All database information will be archived for historical reasons and any request to retrieve your data may be presented with an email to [email protected] with the proper credentials.

What is going to happen to the Discord server?

The Discord server is going to stay up for a long time to further communicate any changes or community announcements that may come up after the closing of the site. Feel free to join our server by clicking the link in the sentence before this one. The Discord server may eventually be deleted or archived in a much further time in the future.

Is the API shut down too?

The API will remain up for the next two weeks, with a deadline of July 6, 2022. If you utilize our API, please go ahead and use the next two weeks to remove our API from your services as they soon will return a 503 Service Unavailable.

Is the site going to be open source?

I have thought about this as well, and have decided to keep it closed source. We have ran into problems before when we open-sourced v4 and several popup clone sites started to appear, still including my copyright notice at the bottom of the page. We do not want people trying to recreate our service using our code or design.

What is going to happen to the domain(s)?

The domains (including redirects to this one) will stay up for at least 3 to 6 months to inform users that this service has been shut down. The domains will eventually be auctioned off on Namecheap, including the redirect links. The full list of domains we own are:

We will be posting a public announcement on the Discord server when the auction for these domains are live. If you are curious about the request analytics of these domains, you may shoot me an email at [email protected]. I will also be posting these analytics in the Discord announcement as well.


Team Members

Main developer and UI designer
Secondary developer, Discord staff
Discord staff
Discord staff
Discord staff
Discord staff


I want to especially give a big thanks to any and all donators who supported the development and hosting costs of this service. We could not have continued to keep the site up without you guys.

Other Projects

While I'm posting this announcement, I want to go ahead and share some of the projects that I have worked on over the past few years. If you want to continue to support my projects, I would definitely recommend checking these out.
A minimal and unique Minecraft server listing site. A clean and simple layout where you can find exactly what server you are looking for in the click of a button. Advanced features like achievements, advanced search, server analytics dashboard, linkable Minecraft accounts, two factor account authentication, etc.
A simple API service for retrieving the status of any Java or Bedrock Edition Minecraft server. It uses a minimal cache duration and retrieves statuses fast. It also has a simple website and displays all information about the server.
A developer API for rendering the skin of any Minecraft player as a 2D or 3D image. It has support for retrieving players by username or UUID. All features are configurable through the use of query parameters.
An open world drawing canvas where anybody can draw for the public to see. Place pixel by pixel to draw your art using a limited but broad color palette. This site is still under construction so it is not available just yet.

Discord Server


[email protected]